ADF&G Boards of Fisheries and Game

ADF&G Boards of Fisheries and Game

Alaska Board of Fisheries: Work Session

ADF&G Public Comments
Closed for comment at 10/08/2019 11:59 PM AKDT

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A. Agenda Change Requests
A1 5 Comments ACR 1 Add the Crawfish Inlet Terminal Harvest Area and West Crawfish Inlet to waters that may be opened to a hatchery chum salmon troll fishery (5 AAC 29.112).
A2 26 Comments ACR 2 Modify hatchery operations in Crawfish Inlet and establish regulations to clarify and differentiate wild fish as distinct from hatchery fish (5 AAC XX.XXX)
A3 2 Comments ACR 3 Designate Taku River king salmon a Stock of Management Concern and adopt an Action Plan.
A4 19 Comments ACR 4 Reduce the Sitka Sound commercial sac roe herring fishery guideline harvest level and increase the commercial fishery threshold biomass (5 AAC 27.160).
A5 21 Comments ACR 5 Close the Dolgoi Islands area commercial salmon fishery when harvest reaches 191,000 sockeye salmon (5 AAC 09.365, 5 AAC 09.366).
A6 2 Comments ACR 6 Close Aleutian Islands waters west of 174° W long to commercial fishing by certain vessels using nonpelagic trawl gear (5 AAC 28.650).
A7 7 Comments ACR 7 Designate the Aleutian Islands Subdistrict an exclusive registration area for Pacific cod (5 AAC 28.606, 5 AAC 28.647).
A8 0 Comments ACR 8 Allow two Bristol Bay drift gillnet CFEC permit holders to fish concurrently from the same vessel and jointly operate up to 200 fathoms of drift gillnet gear when the Naknek River Special Harvest Area is open (5 AAC 06.333).
A9 0 Comments ACR 9 Allow use of set gillnets with 6” mesh to harvest salmon other than king salmon and other non-salmon fish species on the Kuskokwim River for subsistence purposes during times of king salmon conservation (5 AAC 01.270).
A10 0 Comments ACR 10 Close the Goodnews River drainage to sport fishing September 1-30 (5 AAC 71.010).
A11 2 Comments ACR 11 Prohibit fishing in fresh water with live earthworms in the genus Lumbricus (5 AAC 75.022).
A12 0 Comments ACR 12 Extend emergency order authority to include restriction of stocked waters to no retention (catch-and-release) in times of low hatchery production or if stocked waters become contaminated (5 AAC 75.003).
A13 6 Comments Comment on multiple ACRs
B. UCI meeting location
B1 14 Comments UCI meeting location
C. Other work session business
C1 19 Comments Other work session business